A conversation with Scott Lilienfeld (audio)

(La entrevista en castellano y en formato texto está en Psyciencia en este link)

Scott Lilienfeld needs no introduction -but we’ll do a brief one anyway. He is a well-known author in the academic psychology, and he has written about… well, everything. Just take a look at his academic page, his blog at Scientific American, or the one at Psychology Today, to see the breadth of his writings. The thing that remains constant is that he takes the evidence point of view on any issue he addresses in the field of psychology. An academic with a broad range of interests, his work has been a huge influence for us, especially on the subject of evidence-based practices and biases on the clinical practice, work from which we had borrow inspiration (ie. shamelessly stolen ideas), for many of our articles.

A few days ago Paula and I had the opportunity of talking with him at the CLACIP congress that was held in Buenos Aires. The interview was published at Psyciencia here, but as always, we are also making the original audio available for our readers here -if you can overcome our terrible English accent (anyway, the important thing here are Scott’s words, not ours).

Just hit play, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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